It Pays To Be Ignorant - 26 Mp3 Downloads


"Riding the Waves of Ignorance: The Hilarious Legacy of 'It Pays to Be Ignorant'"

In the golden era of radio, one comedy show stood out among the waves of serious, authoritative programs. "It Pays to Be Ignorant" was a radio gem that not only tickled the funny bones of its audience but also managed to stay in the limelight for an impressive nine-year run across three major networks, sponsored by household names like Philip Morris, Chrysler, and DeSoto.

The show took a playful jab at the prevailing tone of authoritative and academic discussions found on popular panel series like Quiz Kids and Information Please. As the curtains lifted, the program kicked off with a delightful parody of the widely enjoyed quiz show, Doctor I.Q. With the dynamic duo of announcers, Ken Roberts and Dick Stark, at the helm, the series embarked on its comedic journey.

"It Pays to Be Ignorant" initially graced the airwaves on Mutual from June 25, 1942, to February 28, 1944. CBS then took the baton from February 25, 1944, to September 27, 1950, before the show found its final home on NBC from July 4, 1951, to September 26, 1951. Throughout its run, the program not only entertained audiences but also left an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of radio comedy, proving that sometimes, it indeed pays to be ignorant – at least in the world of humor.

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